Rubens Cobrinha On 2014 Worlds: ‘I Want To Meet Rafael Mendes In The Final Once Again’

Rubens Cobrinha On 2014 Worlds: ‘I Want To Meet Rafael Mendes In The Final Once Again’

May 29, 2014GileBJJ News0

A new member of the Jiu-Jitsu hall of fame and 4x world champion, 1x ADCC, Rubens Charles Cobrinha will try to get his fifth world title this weekend.

In an interview with tatame, the Alliance athlete said a that every final against his main rival, Rafael Mendes, is always special:

“In the featherweight division, it’s very difficult. We cannot underestimate anyone, are all good athletes, trained, everyone knows how to train, how to eat … But, of course, it would be perfect if it had a final with Rafael again, “said Cobrinha, not leaving out the dispute teammate Mario Reis. “I think we have everything to close the division this year.”

Cobrinha beat Rafael Mndes in the final of ADCC 2013

About to turn 35 years old, the black belt dismissed retiring and said he will still be a challenge for the new generation of Jiu-Jitsu:

“Once I said that I would stop, but then I ended up returning. It is very difficult for me. Not going to fight in the ADCC, I ended up returning to training and won, and it was even better because it was against Rafael. I had already lost to him many times before. ‘ll Just retire when my body tells me that I can’t do any more. I feel like a young boy, I have plenty of wood left to burn. I will be a stone in the heel of the kids there. I started Jiu-Jitsu a little old (21 years), but I still made history.

He has no plans to switch to MMA:

“Master Rafael Cordeiro talked to me and I even thought about fighting, but I think that at 34 years old, having to drop my gym, and start from scratch … It’s harder. I’ll just keep training with Fabricio Werdum.